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Drug Addiction
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in Ontario

We specialize in helping people find drug addiction treatment centers in Ontario or else where in Canada that otherwise may not be possible to do on your own. There are hundreds of thousands of drug rehab centers to choose from and our counselors are trained to help you find the drug addiction treatment center that suits your needs it is a free and confidential service.

Ontario drug addiction treatment centers

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Drug Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Centers

As you may have noticed in all your research for a drug treatment center it all comes down to two options. A government funded addiction treatment center or a private center, both will normally offer about the same program but there are also some differences. Privately ran centers will have a wider choice of drug addiction treatment programs, the spectrum is from AA based with group therapy, which is the standard program accepted and used by government funded drug treatment centers, to alternative programs that are oriented toward nutrition and wellness.

The first thing you will notice with government funded centers in Ontario or Canada is that there is often a lengthy screening process and up to a 4-week or more waiting list. This is not the case with private drug treatment centers, they are very service oriented and can have you signed up in a couple of days. Not that the public sector is incompetent but with the government cutbacks and inflation being what it is, they can hire so many employees that are often overworked.

Facts About Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Ontario

The thing to ask yourself in reviewing these centers in Ontario is will it answer my needs? Here are a few facts that may help you.

Fact; Ontario is one of the most densely populated areas in Canada. It is only logical that it also has one of the largest populations of drug addicts. It also houses the most substance abuse treatment centers and not all centers deliver the same program, some are AA based, some are mixed with 12-step type program and others are a more Holistic approach. 

Fact; the greater majority of drug addicts don’t want to be doing drugs. Their drug use began as a solution to handle some personal unwanted condition that was ruining their lives. After many failures to handle this condition they discover that drugs or alcohol temporarily mask form awareness this unwanted condition, at least until the drug wears off. Then more and more drugs are required; thus the cycle of addiction.

Another fact is when the drug addict is unwilling to get help for themselves a family member or friend may intervene. In fact, it is an out-dated theory that the drug addicts must ask for help first in order to be treated. Often, it takes the intervention of family and friends to get the addict to admit to a drug problem.

A counselor is on stand by to answer your call; we connect people to drug addiction treatment centers in Ontario and across Canada. Our drug rehab referral counselors have contacts with hundreds of facilities and we know drug addiction.

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Her are a few major cities in Ontario,

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